Love Papa

In 2019 I did something I honestly thought I would never do. I got a tattoo in a noticable spot. My right forearm.

What did I get?

Love Papa in my Papa’s handwriting in a brown to match my freckles.

Why did I do this?

Because my Papa was my world and seeing this every single day brings me joy. The signature is taken from a letter he sent when I was a YMCA camp councilor at 16.

I am so happy I did this and thankful for technology because I only had a picture of the letter to show the artist and think he did a bang up job recreating it perfectly.
He had to enlarge it and study Papa’s handwriting.

This is the picture I sent him and I was unable to find the card in question when searching my memory box this summer. So- this picture taken from an Instagram post might just be all I have left.

The lesson learned here is take pictures of memories because they can be damaged, stolen, or go missing.


Crystal Jean