Endo Diet update.

With my endo I have been experimenting with my diet. I have cut out corn and anything but natural sugar (honey and berries are okay)! I have cut back on dairy and am only eating healthy grains. I’ve upped my protien and good fats.

I’ve cut out pork and limit red meat.

With my GI bleed and issues I am still mostly using shakes but I did manage to get some good food in me while in California to put on my 20th reunion.

It was hard, I am not going to lie. I passed sooo many In & Out burgers and just wanted to pull over.

But, I did my best to stick to my diet.

Pic 1 is grass fed organic steak with bears and carrots grilled and toasted rosemary potatoes.

Pic 2 was my snacks while in town. I seem to do fine with ranch so I pick out the good stuff and roll with it. Rainbow carrots are the best, so yummy. Peppers are my true love. Sugar peas work for me.

Pic 3 is organic roasted chicken with the beats again and I tried brussel sprouts but couldn’t really eat them to be honest.

Okay, I did steal some bites of this amazing lemon cake my girl made just for me.

It was a huge hit at the reunion. If you need a cake and are in California I will get you in contact with her. It was AMAZING.

My other meals were shakes or vegetables and proteins. Ch

I ABSOLUTLY noticed that I had more energy eating healthy. Sadly though it did make the GI bleed worse so I am back on a liquid diet until the end of this month when we figure out what is going on with me.

It could be as simple as a polyp or as awful as my cancer is back. (They found a large cancerous polyp stage 0 in 2012, I got very lucky)

I can verify my swelling was better without sugar, corn, and soy.

But, it is early in this trial yet. My pain was the same.

It is such a complicated situation and unique to every endo woman.

But, never give up looking for what works for YOU.



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