Dance night!

We all went to the elementary school for the Halloween dance. It was a loooong afternoon of lost unicorn make up and me trying to tame my hair and Dad rushing home. But, we made it and had an absolute blast.

We had a shadow and a unicorn. The original idea which would have had them matching will have to wait till next year.

I love that they each decided on their own costumes.

Unicorn costumes were rather popular. But, it didnt bother my girl. She loved it! The world needs more unicorns.

Yes that is my daughter leading the karaoke on stage.

Jude found Harry Potter

I was a cat! One of my fanfic peeps got my cheeky nod to Hermione. I was vert impressed.

Lenna was our dancing queen

Daddy came as a dentist!

He freely admits he cant dance. As I cant either let’s hope a miracle happens for our kids.

My favorite moment was when my kids dance like no one was watching.


As soon as I can break into Aaron’s phone all evidence of the Macerena will be erased.

I ended up in the hospital after this adventure. My BP went wonky and I fainted twice and fell hurting my already swollen endo belly.

But, all the pain, all the awfulness of being called a drug addict by a doctor, was worth it to dance with my kids.

I do not know how many days, months, or years I have left. I want to make memories outside of doctors offices and Emergency Rooms.

So, swollen belly or not. I danced the night away- with the help of pharmaceuticals- I won’t lie. That two hours to get ready had me wiped long before I got to the dance.

Worth it.



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