20 Year Reunion!!!

It was a massive success. It was also a ton of work. Three years of dreaming and planning and six months of working with Suzanne who volunteered her talents as an event planner.

But we pulled it off. I wanted to share the pictures with some stories so you can feel like you were there with me.

First: I arrived with the flowers three days before the event because we had to get them in the vases.


It was so much fun helping to make my friend Suzanne’s vision a reality.

We did a cornhole toss to raffle off and I made rather a mess of myself helping to paint it.

All the alumi signed it. Bummed I missed getting a pic of it finished. Hopefully, we can track that down through the winner!

There was also an amazing Lion painting that was donated.

What Suzanne pulled off on the budget we had was a miracle. We kept tickets as low as we could and got a huge discount on the venue thanks to another alumni and committee planner.

She knocked it out of the park on these roses. They were are school colors and beautiful. They were also named `friendship roses’ too perfect right?

The balloons also worked because of her. I might have begged for them, but she made them look amazing. Thanks to another committee member for the helium tanks to blow them all up. Appreciate you Peter.

The photo booth was a huge hit.


I found those the day before for 1$ and had to get them. Cheers to Michael’s clearance bins. I also got the bubbles and Suzanne found the sticker tape to put around them in our school colors.

My dress was the perfect color. Which was amazing.

The necklace was originally given to me by my Papa for my 17th birthday and I wore it my entire senior year and all through my 20s. It was lost and this version is the one I had made for his funeral in 2008.

Baby Crystal Jean and proof I can not smile sometimes. I think my hair is about the same length and just like highschool I was working the door getting everyone in.

It was so fun to steal a Letterman jacket that I wore often 20 years ago. Eric wrestled and that jacket was pimped out. So, when he got too hot or had to wrestle guess who kept track of that thing? Me, and when I got cold he handed it over with a laugh and a smile.

I was lucky to have boys who were my protectors and like brothers in highschool.

These guys were who I spent most of my time with. I traveled a lot with sports teams (I was the bookkeepers girl, the coaches had known me all my life) and these are a few of the amazing boys who watched out for me. Getting to thank them and see them and meet wives was a highlight of the night.

Sadly, we still can not take pictures together without dying of laughter.

Horrible blurry laughing pictures aside let’s get back to the event. The food was awesome but the deserts…..

The deserts were so yummy and all made by Suzanne. Pumpkin pie, chocolate and vanilla cake.

Then there was the lemon rose cake.

That lemon cake was my special request, but the decorating of it was organic and unplanned. She decorated the cake this way in honor of my Nana.

My Nana baked me a rose cake for my 17th birthday. We had extra roses and she surprised by doing this after I told her the story.

I will admit to some tears seeing this finished cake.

Here is why it meant so much to have this at the reunion:

Nana worked at my highschool from 1973 to 1997. She was honored with a rock at the memorial table. As was her best friend. Yes, I was named for her. Jean was her middle name that she went by because she was named for her own mother. The name? Lenna. Yes, my daughter is the third Lenna and named for my Nana.

The memorial table was beautiful. We had 50 white roses in a vase in the center and the six faculty rocks there for everyone to look at. Three on each side.

Dropping off her rock was super emotional.

Nana grew this plant in her backyard and was always so proud of it. It was just too perfect.

I had a good cry and got to say goodbye to Nana and many faculty who meant the world to me.

Thank you class of 2009 for this amazing spot on campus.

As I was working the event I didn’t get many pictures, but like a true 90s child I have the memories.

You can look up the event with our hashtag on Instagram #AHS20YR789

Until next time AHS.



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