My journey to healthier curls.

The curly girl method. Curly Girl Explained
I am not gonna lie. It sounded crazy. Not wash your hair? Mostly use conditioners. Throw away half my hair products?

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But, I live in Washington State now. Curls are going to be the norm. The first few months I rebelled. Side braid for the win

But my hair was getting dry and my split ends had split ends.

The first cut was a bust.

Next was a bit better but I needed more layers.

Groupon for the win I got a cut that brought out my curls.

But apparently only in Virginia….


Nope, not kidding. The curls have gone flat since I got home.

Now that I am back to the drawing board. The products that worked so well in Virginia do not perform their best here.

See my previous post here

My only winner on both shores and high altitude is my magic spray.

You can get this amazing product HERE
Tell them Crystal Jean sent you!

I admit- I resorted to straightening my hair just to feel pretty and not have to fight it. I do love my hair both ways and I am never going to limit myself to one or the other.
See my blog post of shame here

Back to the curly girl dilemma.

I am double conditioning and not using even the wide tooth comb. I’ve given up on bouncecurl, it simply isn’t working for me here. It did in Denver, never in Washington. I hate when that happens.


They have a hairspray everyone is raving about that I will save up my pennies to try. It is alcohol-free, check it out here

I’ve also had to learn that less is more with my righteousroots oil. The amount I used in Denver leaves my hair greasy here.

images (2)

I’m still trying moisturizing shampoos and using what I call the ‘Blake’ method. Deep conditioner on my roots as I scrub my scalp. (I read somewhere that Blake Lively puts mayonnaise on the end of her hair to protect it when she washes it.) Or, I just made that up, I am honestly not sure. Let me go look….

Nope, it is true:
“My mom taught me this really great beauty tip,” Lively told Byrdie. “She used to put oil or mayonnaise on the bottom half of her hair before she would shower. That way, when she would shampoo, the soap wouldn’t strip the bottom of the hair and dry it out, making it brittle.”
The article can be found here and claims to have a better version of this crazy sounding trick.

I still have to scrub the bottom of my skull when in a lupus flare, but I am super careful not to let the castile soap touch my roots.

I think I need to read up on hair density testing. I know I need a few more products that I will be adding to my birthday list.


For those of us on a budget, I love this site: Products that won’t break the bank

I am taking my biotin and vitamins in hope that I can get my length back and do longer layers.
So, it’s all trial and error. But, something has to give with the back of my hair. This is a mess.

Totally tipping my hair back to make it look longer. 

And I have to work on my scarf skills at night.

All the blogs and Instagrams I read seem to show my same problems when they started. It’s a commitment, rebuilding your curly hair.

I think the next thing I will be trying is a homemade cleanse of some type.

My dream curls look like this. Her story can be found here


Obviously not blond, and yes I know I will probably never have these perfect ringlets, but I said ‘dream’ what are we if we are not dreamers?



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