A story of why writers for hospital drama shows should interview me. 
I had an appointment with the kids to get all of our ears checked from the viral infection.
Things were going well, both kids were pink ear free. I was stressed as my kids had played the- I am still hurting and sick card- when they were obviously over their virus.

It was my turn on the hot seat.

(I did a condition today but put in no products, I didn’t have the energy or time and ran out with wet hair, ugh.) 

My blood pressure was high, I had a migraine, so I wasn’t too concerned. We talked about my GI bleed, the fact I had lost 11 pounds in a short period of time because it was so hard to eat.

We decided to do some blood work just to be on the safe side. My migraine was easing off and I was putting some pain cream on my sore belly and back. I had leaned down and back up but do not remember feeling dizzy.

The next thing I remember is being on the floor, doctors, nurses, and my two children all around me.

I knew it must have been my blood pressure so we took another reading of my BP and Pulse. Sure enough, I had dropped 20 points on top and 10 on the bottom.

But I was dizzy and it was obvious to the doctor that something was wrong.
Pale, clammy, shaking.
My blood pressure kept going up and down.

Suddenly, we are going to take labs turned into: you have to go to the ER and we can’t let you walk the 100 feet to the next building so we are calling an ambulance.
Yes, they seriously called an ambulance for me to go to an ER that I loathe and hate that was RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO THE CLINIC.

I had my kids, I was not stable to walk or drive. If I had walked out I have no doubt I would have had a nice visit from CPS.

So, we sat, my kids and I- we sat in that waiting room for an hour and a half while I tried to track anyone down from church who could come get the kids. Finally, admitting defeat, I called my husband who rushed off to catch two buses back to his park and ride spot so he could get to us. (He works in Portland but takes the bus over the bridge from Vancouver.)

By the time the ambulance showed up, I was feeling fine. My pressure was still going up and down, but I could have made it home just fine- if they had let me.

The ER doctor left a lot to be desired. He told me he was going to do a groin blood draw.
I refused.
He told me I had no need for an IV.
I requested he give me a bag to see if it stabilized my blood pressure.
As an ultrasound was the only way he was going to get his ten vials of blood he agreed. Smart man, he was not going near my groin for a blood draw.

They got me in one stick and all their blood. They took enough to lower my BP again.

He refused me nausea medication.
I sat and watched my endo belly grow and my pain increase as the bag of fluids ran into me and cramped up my gut.

I NEVER asked for pain medication. He, never even asked why my pain was at an 8 when the nurse demanded a number.
He never checked me for a concussion even though I hit my head. No imaging was done because my labs came back fine.

I asked once more before they yanked the IV for the only nausea medication I can have, which he refused and was discharged because- as I had told the doctors and nurses- I was not bleeding out.

It was a simple case of my blood pressure doing its song and dance that it likes to do when I am in pain and dehydrated.
Dehydrated for my body that is, my labs were perfect, but my body thinks it is dying of thirst. That is sjogrens syndrome. You drink water all day and it just seems to disappear on you.

It was another awesome example of why I despise and detest St Johns ER in Longview Washington.

If I could sign a DNR to never be taken there again I would.

I have had a lot of crappy hospitals over the last twenty years of chronic illness. This one takes the cake for the worst one yet.

I even despise nurses there. I LOVE nurses. Practically every Doctor who works there is rude, unhelpful, mean, and dangerous.

I had a doctor give me 60 Toridal after I told him that I had already taken three naproxen that day. He assured me it was safe. I have a GI Bleed. It wasn’t. My GI Doctor was livid.
(This was the doctor who had me in tears for five hours and refused to do anything to help with pain or nausea besides the Toridal I should NOT HAVE BEEN GIVEN.)

Today left me very angry. I should be able to refuse being treated at an Emergency Room I do not feel safe in. I shouldn’t be held captive in my doctor’s office just because I fainted. Truthfully, I faint a few times a week from my blood pressure being unstable. Usually, I am able to lay down as I faint so it’s not a big deal.

I lived three blocks away. Let me walk home if you are so afraid of me driving.

This is just another stern warning to anyone. Never, EVER, faint in a hospital. It never ends well for you.

Now I have a nice swollen endo belly, a sore head, and am even more ticked off at the utter lack of CARE given at this ER.

If you live in Longview Washington and you can- drive to Salmon Creek or any other hospital in Vancouver. Your life might depend on it because even if they find something at St. Johns, they have NO SPECIALISTS ON CALL.

Oh, and as the cherry on the cake of this absolutely fabulous day. My blender died.
So no dinner for me as I am really only keeping sips of protein shakes down with sips of water. Week two of my gut being a total tool hasn’t been fun.

Soonest GI can get me in to do an upper and lower scan is 10-31: unless I really do become anaemic I suppose.

Going to try and get some sleep before something else goes pear-shaped.

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