Register to Vote!


As a young child hearing this speech, I remember wondering what I could possibly do for my country? Now as an adult I know what every citizen can do for this country.


I just started the process of making sure I can vote in my new state. As soon as my kids are no longer home sick from school I will be heading to the DMV to get my new Washington State licence. I made sure to update my information so that I am voting in my new county and state.

It was simple and easy and something we ALL need to do. Blue, Red, Green, Purple, I don’t care what party you are. Get out and make your voice heard.


Register to vote today! CLICK HERE

There is nothing more important than exercising your democratic right to vote.
It started with a tea party.

It ended with a new country, Bill of Rights, government, Constitution, and a democracy.


But not everyone had the right to vote. Women did not earn that right until 1918

Then there were the Jim Crow laws that needed to be abolished. There are people still alive today who stood up for what was right, the ability for any citizen to vote no matter the color of their skin was.


Never forget the men, women, and even children who laid down their lives for your right to fill out that piece of paper.

If you owe anything to your country, it is registering and voting in every election. Local, national, every election. Get that sticker. Make your voice heard.





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