A lesson in Grace

At my doctor’s last doctors appointment, I was told something that horrified me.

The triage nurses I was speaking with found me aggressive and rude and that I needed to reign in my frustration, as valid as it was, and be mindful of my tone.

My doctor said she defended me, that she could tell I was in serious pain because she knew me. But, even now, with her, I was aggressive and frustrated. If she didn’t know me so well she would find me rude too.

I told her I was about to cry. I love and adore nurses. To hear that they felt I was rude to them was embarrassing and horrid.

She said she knew that and that was why we were talking. So we could address it and keep the clinic on my side.

I felt so much shame. In pain, it’s hard to stay graceful and calm. But, she was right, I needed to be more aware of my tone and what I was saying.

I know I am not perfect. But, I always, ALWAYS, try to be kind to nurses.

I am praying this is fixable.

Embarrassed but determined to make it right.


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