Mission BBQ

The third stop on our Williamsburg adventure.

*Slacker mom is just now updating the post.*

For dinner, we went to Hampton and hit up Mission BBQ

Okay, confession time: I am not a huge BBQ junkie, but this place is amazing. We kind of all shared sides and main dishes and had a ton of fun swapping out BBQ sauces and arguing over which one is best.

I stand by my love for the Memphis Belle.

Dude approved and he is hard to please.

It was also fun to mix and match sides.

It is a unique place, everywhere you look you can find something worth smiling over or studying. Here are just some random pictures of things that caught my interest.

Although I do not have a picture as I was a bit busy, one of the men who cooked my ribs was in a USCG hat. (Some of the workers wore military hats. I am not sure but I think they might be vets) My daughter got a real kick out of that! When you could keep her from trying to play with her baby cousin.

It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful day and a great family dinner.

We give the restaurant five out of five stars.

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