An ED miracle

Last night I cried to an Er doctor not known for his bedside manner or helpfulness with patients. I was there for help as I was very weak and I’ll. I expected him to just say NO and walk out.

Instead he nodded and sat down to explain his concerns. Which were valid. My veins are crap. I can not have a central line. It is too dangerous even to do an EJ (neck IV) with me off of blood thinners due to my GI bleed.

He didn’t want to risk destroying the few deep veins we can access if it wasnt absolutly warranted. And while I felt awful I was not medically critical and in need of fluids.

My reply was, “I agree, I understand that concern; but if I continue with the vomiting and diharea with sjogrens and dont get fluids now- We risk not being able to get fluids in me at all without an EJ.

He thought on that for a long moment and then agreed to check my BP standing, sitting, and lying down. If that showed dehydration I could have fluids.
When my stats didn’t change I was sure he would discharge me.

But he shocked me. He said we could try and I could have fluids, nausea meds, and even some toridal.

The ultra sound machine rolled in and yes!!!

My nurse and I were so happy. We started the meds and then disaster strikes.

Luckily, both meds can be absorbed in my tissue. But, what about the fluids?!?

The IV blew and I was sure the doctor would discharge me. We had tried and failed.

I love my endo tribe on Instagram. Follow them all, they have a meme you need to see for any struggle.

The IV blew and I was sure he would discharge me. We had tried and failed.
I WAS RIGHT. In walked my nurse to remove the bad IV and give me the sad news that there was no one available to re try an IV.

I was prepared to deal with this sad blow gracefully when in walked a miracle. A sweet nurse who was determined I would get fluids.

My prayers were answered. I even got some sleep and was released before midnight.

Last night I witnessed a miracle. The fluids saved the day too. I feel so much better. I’m also keeping down water at home so far this morning.

Rough night for sure but it ended with me thanking my loving Heavenly Father for softening the heart of a doctor and sending a nurse in just in time.


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