Yorktown Battlefied and Cementary

This has been on my bucket list to visit for a very long time. Two wars, two major battles, all fought on one beautiful field.

We didn’t make it before the museum closed. Museum Info
Which also looks to be a part of the Jamestown Settlement area as well.

We followed these signs.


And they led us to the battlefields. Where you could walk around and explore.

Uncle Tom is explaining the battle to the kids. Sorry there is no sound. He makes a great tour guide!

Its amazing, looking at this peaceful beautiful field now, and then to realize. It was covered in blood from not one but two major battles from two wars. One to gain Independence from the British and one to preserve the country the first soldiers on the field died for.

Even after all these years you can still see what looks like battle trenches.

It must have been miserable there. The grass is high and itchy, the ground is hard, so digging in would have been a big job. But the worst is the bugs in that tall grass.

Uncle Tom braved the bugs to show the kiddos the cannons and sights. It was hard going and a bit slippery. Cinderella lost her shoe.

There are lots of what I call information stations.

These were closer to the cementary.

It was a sobering, awe-inspiring, moment in time. Even the children seemed to sense that something important and bigger than them had taken place. We didn’t have to have the ‘reverence’ talk more than once.

It was also startling to realise that men in two wars had died fighting for their country. It was even more startling to realise that most were unnamed.

This man decided to be buried with his men after the war.

There is an entire drive you can do on the Civil War Trails

It is a beautiful drive. Ignore my bad singing.

If you have time I would recommend looking at these hollowed sites.

Sadly, we had hungry kids and it was getting late so we headed off on our next adventure. Finding a restaurant we all agreed on.

But first I needed some Auntie snuggles with my little neice.



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