That bleed….

Okay, if you don’t want to know about a GI bleed. Stop reading now. I am stuck in the ED waiting room trying to stay awake and decided to finally talk about this taboo subject- unless your a little boy- POOP, stool, crap. Whatever you call it. Mine has blood in it and I had colon cancer in 2012 so that is NOT good.

Here is the background:

September 2016. That’s when my GI bleed came back. I had an appointment for Nov 28th to see my GI doc at the University of Colorado. Yes, that was the soonest he could see me.

Where was I Nov 28th 2016?

Waiting for my open heart surgery.

The GI bleed took a back seat to the life threatening heart tumour, two blood clots on my heart, the hole, infection and clotted port.

*warning medical pictures*

And that was amazing. We removed all these things that could kill me. However, that GI bleed stayed around off and on, being a P.I.T.A.


Then we took me off blood thinners because it was assumed my port caused the two clots on my heart. I did my four months so no reason to continue on the medication. Sadly, we were wrong.

Two pulmonary embolisms in my lungs. Now what? Back on blood thinners. A new kind. That I had a reaction too. So, back to the old stand by warfarin and the start of my having to wear oxygen 24/7

But, that damn GI bleed. It kept showing up. Which is dangerous when you are on blood thinners. Especially one with these side effects:

After passing a Swan Cath Test

And the echo restudy and some scares with hours of bleeding we finally made the tough decision to go off blood thinners until we could figure out the bleed.

So off we went to figure out the GI bleed.

In Nov 2017 we did a pill capsle study (read about this scifi test here) which came back inconclusive and with me Still bleeding off and on; they recommended a colonoscopy.

Um, yeah whatever they saw was not in the lower GI and I can not do twilight anesthesia. I am completely awake and feel everything.

No GI doctor was willing to put me under though.

Because my medical history and current lung conditions made every doctor look at me like a medical malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen.

Then we moved from Denver to small town Washington.

Insurance got messed up and it took till the spring of 2018 to get a good primary care doctor. She is the best, btw.

A GI doc though? Still working on that.

Hello Sept 2018, and I am NOT on blood thinners, and sitting in the ED after having clotted blood in my stool that I was able to get a sample of. We need the sample to show blood in the stool to get the procedure. So, of course, the triage nurse told me to get to the ED to give it to a doctor who can order tests and evaluate me for my pain, vomiting, and GI bleed.

I’ve been here three hours.

I’m exhausted. I have a migraine. I have abdominal pain. I don’t want to BE HERE. The first thing I asked was if the doctors could just look at my chart and take the sample.

Clearly, that answer is a no.

Here I sit. Hoping my sample is still good and preparing myself for them to treat me like trash.

Because they seem to think I enjoy coming here.

No, I would enjoy being asleep right now.

We are starting hour four of my lovely visit tonight. Tramuas and sick babies everywhere. I am not priority. They should have just taken my sample and fast tracked me. They are not going to DO anything to me.

Whatever, I’m tired of being a pin cushion anyways.

I finally at least got into a room.

If they do not send this bag to the lab. Heads are gonna roll.

As always, my ED advice.




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