Colonial Williamsburg

Vacation catch up post:

Saturday saw us rising early for an adventure I remember from my stay here in 2003
and could not wait to share with my children.
We headed down to Colonial Williamsburg

It’s a big trip because it is so close to so many other things you will want to see, sadly we didn’t have the energy or the time to see it all in one day. But, nearby you have Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Battlefield

(We did get to see the battlefield and cemetery and I will put that all up in another post!)

There are two parts to Williamsburg, one is modern and the other is the Colonial area. You can wander both for free. To get into certain attractions, however, in the Colonial area you need to buy a day pass. (See the website for instructions)

We started the day with an amazing lunch in the modern area.

After lunch we just wandered around and it was well worth it!

We then had to move moms car from the temporary parking to the longterm parking structure, oops!

We had fun waiting on her.

We also discovered some of the houses are actually still privately owned.

Some stores or part of the day pass and others are not. There is an open air market! Although things are rather expensive. So we got the kids out of there fast.

We walked almost five miles in total around the whole area and still did not see all the areas and homes and stores. One of my favorite memories of the day was getting out of the car to hear this….

We also reaffirmed that our mother is a hippie. She is giving the tree a hug because it needs love.

The dude climbs trees he finds.

There is an amazing church and graveyard to explore that the kids actually enjoyed, and you don’t need the pass to see. They have volunteer guides who tell you about what you would have expected if you had attended church at the time.

I was surprised to learn that women and men, as well as children, were separated. The names on the end of the pews meant nothing. The guide told us the men were just in town enough that they would have attended church as it was required, as in you broke the law if you did not show up, and everyone paid tax to the church.

That big comfy chair you see is for the governor, the most important man. It was all based on class, where you sat.

It seems to still be a church people attend. We found the offices.

It is such an interesting area because not only do you have the history of the Revolution but also the Civil War.

Here we have two Civil War men who found themselves buried in the ‘colonial’ churchyard next to Americans who might have fought the British.

Sobering to think about.

The next big attraction is the jail where Blackbeards crew was kept and hung.

It has been restored and the kids sure got a kick out of it.

Mom decided she was kept there in a past life, we humoured her.

I think she just wanted some time to sit down, we did do a LOT of walking.

Side note for historical reference:

It isn’t clear in the jail but when I did some research it was to discover that Blackbeard never made it to the prison where his men died. He was beheaded months earlier. Here is a fun link to read and walk in the footsteps of Blackbeard’s crew

The sheer history of the place is overwhelming. The joy of seeing people walking around in period clothes, the horse carriages, the cannons going off. Plus, it is just a beautiful spot.

If you are in Virginia. You can’t pass up a day there. It is worth the blisters on your feet and braving the humidity and heat if you come in the summer. It is just a place you can’t find anywhere else.

You can also pack your own snacks and picnic lunch to cut down on costs. It is certainly a must see family destination.

Our trip ended in true Red Family style. With a song and a dance.

He played the song for the kids who all gave him a dollar. I think they thought he was a live juke box.

Also, the kids got ice cream.

We have no idea what this is, but he loved it.

Now mint chocolate chip I can get behind!

But, even better than ice cream for me was all the baby snuggles I got.

The last tradition was grabbing a Christmas ornament to remember our trip!

Lucky us there was a Christmas shop!

Thank you Willamsburg for the amazing memories and beautiful history you are preserving.

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