Curly to straight.

Confession time:

When I have a big appointment, or surgery, hospital stay, or event.

I sometimes blow out my hair.

Why? Cause it soothes me to brush it and gosh darrnit I feel pretty.

So here is my routine:

First put on some tunes then use the low setting to get out most of the moisture.

My tools are round brushes, clips, Witch I Love Your Hair, righteous roots on my scalp, and a protective smoother. I tried the shea one this time. All but the first two products (which I buy off their sites on Instagram) were purchased at Target. Including my blow dryer with a diffuser. (Not pictured)

Once you section off your hair with clips apply products and use the round brush of choice. I like the larger one on my longer layers and the smaller one for the rest. Blow dryer is on HOT here.

It takes about thirty minutes and ends up looking like this.

I like to blow dry the night before. I also always brush it out on the cool setting before I put I put it up for the night.

Next Day:

Here it is right after I woke up. 😂😋😂

So, this takes a half hour to take. Section it off, use the metal round brush after spraying my Witch magic and the smoothing cream. Set the blow dryer to hot.

The last part is where I have some fun.

Ringlets!!!! Ten seconds a curl and once I am finished with all layers I brush it all out.

Done 🤩

I leave it for 3 to 5 days touching it up as needed. It is never totally straight. It’s always round brushed and curled as needed. I apply my witch spray and straightening creame.

There you go. My cheating on my curls step by step guide.

Don’t worry though. The curls came back as soon I washed my hair.

Day 4 curls here. Not too shabby.



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