The curl story …

I decided to commit to the curly girl method shortly before I left on vacation.

I got a cut but it wasn’t layered enough. So back to the chair I went and boy did I get what I asked for.

So, this vacation has been all curly girl and I have been rather impressed.

These are day four curls. Not bad.

Today was wash day so into the shower I went where I used my hands to massage my scalp and then just raked through my deep conditioner using my fingers.

When I get out I wrap my hair in a tshirt and then spray it with my Witch I Love Your Hair. Found this product on Instagram and be sure to tell her Crystal Jean sent you her way. It’s a curl family you will love to be a part of.

Next is my massage from scalp to tip with my righteous roots oil. I found this product on Instagram as well. I use it every other wash personally.

Next came the new product I found here in Virginia thanks to my mom. You can probably find it at Target.

I really like it here. We will see what I think out of humidity.

I use a diffuser on my hair because otherwise it will NEVER dry. Usually, I set it on cold or warm but today I mixed in a new product.

I know it’s probably to protect your hair when you straighten it, but I figured why not try it while diffusing and use the hot setting?

This was the results. My hair is super soft, and although the curls are a bit messy, I am hoping it holds up in the humidity this afternoon.

Oh, and I always refresh with my witch spray throughout the day.

So, that is my routine on a wash day.



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