All my specialists agree I need two things. Another surgery to repair my heart and lungs and to get OUT of high altitude.
So, my husband was offered a job at the VA in Portland Oregon and he accepted it.
Moist air, less elevation, and less stress on my lupus could help heal my heart and lungs and help me avoid surgery. If it does not: I will be spending a week in San Diego for that surgery at some point in the future.
He has to report to Portland by November 13th. This is all very sudden and sadly we don’t have emergency funds at the moment to cover the move and save for my surgery.

So, I have started a GoFundMe page.


If you cannot give money, please send a prayer. You can also help me by subscribing to the blog so that I can grow followers and start using this to make revenue through advertisement. Any likes, comments, retweets and such on my social media helps me build my blog.
All my social media is linked above and under CrystalJeanRed.
It’s a free way to really help our family. So please follow me on any and all social media platforms.

We appreciate those that have donated, reached out in prayer and already followed my social media accounts. I am so grateful and know that with the help of y’all and prayer this will somehow work out.


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