Ugh me…

So last night…

Please excuse the messy hair.

I did get to go home but this morning I woke up and started vomiting again and so the kids are home with me. I think I will need to homeschool them. I’m super lucky in that I have two amazing friends who do.

So this is with Tylenol and Advil (I know I shouldn’t take it but my INR is low so I figured better not run a fever) but when your normal temp is 96.7 you feel pretty crap it at 99.3 πŸ™„ so I’m shivering and after this was taken went and put my owl flannel pjs on over my leggings.

Who matches socks anyways.

Jude is running a fever too so maybe we picked up a bug 🐜 and shared it. Either way three Reds are home cuddling.

And learning some French.

She won a level on duolingo! She’s very excited.

(To those that wonder we use the free version.)

Jude is watching the alphabet in French!

Lenna will practice her spelling words next.


The Reds

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