Flag Football 🏈

The dude has started flag Football! Last week he told me he wanted to play football and serendipitously an email for that activity showed up in my inbox!

He is, of course, the tallest boy on the field! πŸ˜‚Catching is not as easy as throwing the ball!And it was pretty bright and hot so he worked up a sweat and needed a water break!But the best part was when they got to run around like loons grabbing flags!

< strong>He had no problem stealing a flag if someone went down! πŸ˜†

He also asked to be called J.C at one point (that’s my papa whom he is named for.) I’m not crying, it’s ninjas chopping onions!Thankfully there was a park for sissy to play in! (She gets ballet so brother gets Football) As always our little social butterfly πŸ¦‹ made a friend right away! She, however, didn’t stay still for a picture. He made out with the snacks! 😘
o this is now our Saturday morning and we rounded out the morning with a treat (yay Groupon) of a family breakfast out! (Yay no cooking)Mummy and Lenna. *Shout out to ‘Witch I Love your Hair’ Spray for my third day curls!*Jude and a very tired DaddyπŸ˜‚

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