Inside out! What?

You know it’s been a long day when you don’t even realize you are wearing your shirt inside out until AFTER you have cooked dinner. Even more awesome is I only discovered this fun fact because I sliced my thumb on a can and had to pull up my sleeve to wash off my thumb!

Cheers to the mum band-aid aka a paper towel!


I knew today would be hard because yesterday was the pain clinic. I got to experience first hand the horror of injection therapy. First, no cold spray before they stuck ya, just rude. Next, deep muscle injections are no joke. That hurt, and with my bad veins, I know all about needles digging around in your body. It’s all EJs for me anymore (my neck, only vein they can seem to stick right now!)

But the real fun was learning that you would feel like crud for two to four days before there is relief. What?! Well, they were not joking. I’m sore today. And sore without the ability to take Advil is no fun when it’s muscle pain. So, I tip my hat to all the Spoonies who do this on the regular.

I think I will stick with my pelvic pain clinic doc and the trigger point nerve injections. He at least sprays the cold stuff before he sticks ya!

Oh, and I get to do this fun song and dance again in ten weeks. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I also find it hysterical they dress me up like I’m going into surgery for SHOTS! I had a giggle. Yes, they used ultra sound to get to the deep muscles but this seemed dramatic. 😂

Next was the real fun for today! Shoes!!! Why is it always so hard to find shoes? Strawberry needs leather pink ballet shoes. Two-hour hunt, three stores, and me calling every Payless in our city and I might have found some. It was too late to head over there so I will figure it out tomorrow.

It doesn’t help she is seven and in a size 4 shoe 😭


But the icing on this day was the hubby calling on his way home to let me know he was super sick. The problem when you have autoimmune is when anyone in the house gets sick, SO DO YOU. Which leads your friends to have chats like this with you!

She ain’t joking! 😆

Heads up Saint, I might hang a cross around your neck with garlic too! 😉

So, I am going to finish editing, post my chapter, and head to bed with a mask on hoping I don’t wake up with the flu!


This is why I can’t have real plants!!!!

Death by oxygen line!!! Also, how I tripped a few weeks ago. The stupid line got caught up and I fell. I don’t need ribs? Right? 😳


Lol 😂😆😂



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