Late Crew Spoonie Style…

Something they don’t mention when your are diagnosed with chronic illness is that sleep becomes almost impossible, especially in ‘flare up’ times. When you finally DO get to sleep it’s very hard to wake back up. They also fail to mention that the medications they use to treat your diseases will make you fatigued, contributing to the vicious cycle of sleep deprivation. Last night I saw every hour of the clock till three in the morning.

I had a specialist appointment and needed to get the kids to school early.

Did that happen, nope!

I slept through EVERY alarm on my phone!

And I have more than a few going off…….

Kudos to you if you catch the Top Gear reference on the last alarm! (I miss Top Gear, sigh)

How did I possibly sleep through this many alarms (which are songs that play until the next alarm goes off) when the phone is right by my bloody head?


But I did. And then something happened that will always ruin any

mums morning.

Got Gas?!?!

This is when I threw in the towel and figured the kiddos would be coming with me to my appointment I was going to barely make on time. So, being the good patient I am, I called the specialist (GI this time) to let them know I might be a few minutes late only to discover… I had NO APPOINTMENT today!!

Wait, what?!?

I am not sure if this was scheduled and canceled or if I just put it in wrong. Probably the former because they’ve been messing with this appointment for two months trying to work me around his fellow and him.

Not that we would have been on time anyways, and I’m not naming names, but my van had plenty of gas when I last drove it!!

So, the kids got some extra Mummy time and McDonalds breakfast.

Here we are, the late crew.

Once I dropped them off I threw on some Dolly Parton (because who can be mad when listening to Dolly Parton? Not me!) and headed back to get ready for my first day of PT since my 2 PE’s this spring. (Blood clots in my lungs)

As Annie says, “tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, your only a day away.”

I have a procedure so I will be setting up the ‘old school’ alarm and hoping I actually wake up, and the morning isn’t a circus show. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜‚


Frazzled Mum

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